PLAYSTATION PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller - Midnight Black

RRP £59.99
Grab an extra controller for your PS5 to enjoy co-op gaming with your friends and family. The innovative DualSense controller combines the iconic PlayStation layout with exciting new features. Replacing traditional rumble motors, haptic feedback really hits different. You'll feel every bump on the road or footstep of an enemy approaching. And the adaptive triggers only add to the realism. With varying levels of force and tension, they can mimic the stiffness of a brake pedal or the tension of a bowstring.Good to know- The Create button lets you show your gaming highlights and epic fails to the world- Multi-device connectivity lets you hook it up using USB Type-C or Bluetooth and game on your PS5, PC, Mac or smartphone- Use the built-in microphone and headset port to chat with your teammates online- There's an illuminated mute button too (for when an NPC is talking to you IRL)

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